Rethinking the figure

Cut/Shoot/Break is a collaborative project between three MFA students: Angela Li Zhenxiang, Chloe Chow and Natasha Sabatini. Ideated for the Degrees of Freedom, Anti Gallery Gallery Show taking place between the 8 and 29 of January 2015 at Espacio Gallery.

The project will see a series of workshops taking place based around the traditional life drawing class model yet there will be no pencils allowed. Whilst keeping with the ideas surrounding the life drawing class as the practice of observation and measurement we want to experiment with new methods of recording the figure through performance, cut outs and photography.

The workshops will serve as a testing ground. At the end of which we will come together to install a final collaborative installation.

*10/01/2015 Performance / Video Artist Angela Li will guide the group.
*13/01/2015 Paper cutting / installation artist Chloe Chow will guide this group.
*16/01/2015 Video/ installation/ mixed media artist Natasha Sabatini will guide this group.
*20/01/2015 Collective Installation – all the guides and groups together.

Installation is on show from the 21- 23/01/2015

For more info on each of the artists you can have a look at their website:

Angela Li Zhenxiang

Chloe Chow

Natasha Sabatini