Angela Li Zhenxiang

On the 10/01/2015 Angela Li Zhenxiang lead the first session of the CUT/SHOOT/BREAK workshops. In ‘Break’ Angela Li used performance as a method of engaging the participants in a new way of expressing themselves within the life drawing class. She took inspiration from The Gutai Association, 1965 where the artists literally tore into the paper by thrusting themselves through a series of canvases.


The Gutai Association, 1965


During the session she used her body to sustain a giant canvas and before striking her pose she gave the participant tips:

“Will you kiss me?

Your silhouette lives in my heart.

Wrap me up, revive the mummy!

Please open the door of the third dimension.

Gently, Softly, feel me, feel yourself.

I won’t break, no matter how you tear, rub, knead, scrunch, crease, cut, shoot, burn …me.

Layers make me deep.”

The participants got stuck in and took the activity light-heartedly:  sprayed paint around her, cut into the paper and even her clothing, adding paper and tape to the model to create one collaborative 3D life drawing. It was both a live performance and life drawing class all rolled into one, testing the boundaries we have with each other and the confidence/ endurance of the life model.